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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Green Tomato Pickles

Bertha Charity Hawxhurst (Tyson) – via her daughter Elizabeth Tyson.
Elizabeth dated this recipe as “1910.”

Green Tomato Pickles
1 gallon chopped tomatoes
4 chopped onions
½ cup salt
1 TBS ground black pepper
1 TBS allspice
6 green peppers
2 lbs sugar
2 oz. mustard seed
Step 1: Sprinkle salt over the tomatoes and onions, let stand OVER NIGHT
Step 2: In morning, squeeze the tomatoes and onions dry, and pour over the mixture all remaining ingredients EXCEPT vinegar.
Put enough vinegar over it to cover the mixture.
Cook mixture until tender.
You might prefer it to be less sour, so add water to the vinegar a bit.
Elizabeth adds, about the less sour way, “I like it just this way myself.”
Her notes say that Bertha Hawxhurst Tyson made “100’s of gallons of this..and it was eaten by the big family (Chester & Bertha’s).

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